Don't You Hate It When...


“ Don’t you hate it when voldermart steals your nose and keeps it for himself.. Greedy. „

Holleeh (via tumblr)

Tags: Voldermart
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“ Dont you hate it when Batman eats your nutella and says, “A storm is coming…”? „

Lisa (via tumblr)

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“ you finally decided to talk to someone you like on facebook and he/she suddenly turned offline. :/ „

pearl (via tumblr)

Tags: facebook
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“ Don’t you hate it when a motorist decides to park in the middle of 2 parking boxes, especially when spaces are already limited!? „

Martin (via tumblr)

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“ Don’t you hate it when you find an amazing Land Shark, and your best friend picks it up and chucks it out.. :( „

fvgybuhjnikm (via tumblr)

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“ don’t you hate it when voldemort uses your conditioner. „

Chris (via tumblr)

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“ Don’t you hate it when a website asks you for your email, you give it a fake one and it sends a confirmation email? „

John (via tumblr)

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“ I hate it when you go into the bathroom correct for your gender, and someone tells you you’re in the wrong bathroom. „

Lukas (via tumblr)

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“ Don’t you hate it when it turns out your hamburger is actually a plumber, who then turns out to be a platypus? „

Doctor D. (via tumblr)

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“ I hate it when Hitler steals my nutella. „

Laura (via tumblr)

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